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Compactors reduce the total volume of the waste stream to create efficiencies in hauling the container.  The packer unit pushes the material into an enclosed steel container with up 170,000 pounds of force.  This force reduces volume by removing empty space in the container.  Industry standards of 4 to 1 compaction ratios on most materials result in fewer trips to the landfill reducing the waste hauling bill.  Compactors come in many shapes and styles to fit your specific needs.  WEST-Pak is the expert in finding the right balance to save you the most money.

Self-Contained Compactors are ideal for wet waste streams.

Apartment Compactors, Extruders, and many other types of equipment are available to meet your space and compaction needs.

Whatever your need is, WEST-Pak is capable of providing the equipment to suit your business.

When Stationary and Self-Contained compactors are too large to fit in the area, we can still help by using a vertical compactor.  Ideal for tight containment areas and replacing the 2 to 8 yard commercial dumpsters, vertical compactors have only a slightly larger footprint than the container that it would replace.  These compactors can also be unloaded by the front or rear load garbage truck that is already servicing your location.  


Pre-Crushers are for those large bulky items that need more force to reduce volume. Pre-Crushers use over 120,000 pounds of total force to make sure bulky objects are reduced to more manageable sizes.

Stationary Compactors use a breakaway container for dry material types.