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If your industry has large bulky items that are hard to crush, the Pre-Crsuher is your solution.  Pre-Crushers make use of a large steel bulkhead that the platten will crush all items against before compacting those items into the container.  Large Bulky items such as Wooden Pallets, Furniture, Steel Oil Drums, and more can all be reduced in volume to be packed more efficiently.  


With charge box capacities up to 7 Cubic Yards, the size can be matched to your industry and applications.  Pre-Crushers work best with large outdoor hoppers to feed bulk waste into it quickly.  


A Simplified Example: A local business with a high volume of large bulky waste was using 40 cubic yard open top containers to kep up with production.  Those containers were being hauled up to 4 times per day 6 days per week.  At $150.00 per haul, that was running the company $3,600.00 per week just to remove the waste.  The use of a Pre-Crusher reduced their hauls to once per day.  At $200.00 per haul for compacted trash, that reduced their hauling bill by $2,400.00 per week