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Equipment Types


Compactors reduce the total volume of the waste stream to create efficiencies in hauling the container.  The packer unit pushes the material into an enclosed steel container with up 170,000 pounds of force.  This force reduces volume by removing empty space in the container.  Industry standards of 4 to 1 compaction ratios on most materials result in fewer trips to the landfill reducing the waste hauling bill.  Compactors come in many shapes and styles to fit your specific needs.  WEST-Pak is the expert in finding the right balance to save you the most money.


Balers create bales of recyclable materials that can then be sold to local recyclers.  Those sales help recover costs that are otherwise wasted in many industries.  If your company already recycles, a Baler can help reduce the number of trips that are made to take that material away.  Many recyclers will also send a truck to pick up the bales of material instead of having to make a trip yourself.  Bales come in both Vertical and Horizontal styles that can handle volumes up to 20,000 pounds of material per hour.  WEST-Pak is the expert in determining what will fit your application the best.

Other Equipment

WEST-Pak also handles sales and service of many other types of equipment such as towable carts, dock levelers, material shredders, and scissor lifts.  Extending the useful life of equipment will result in cost savings over time.