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Every Other Monday is a really great day because my copy of Waste and Recycling News arrives.  Keeping on top of industry information is very important.  


The article that caught my attention is titled "Recyclables sent to WTE facility".  The article states that the baler at Kent County, Michigan broke down and needed repairs and a part needed to be ordered resulting in significant down time.  Once the recycling material piled up to points of being unsafe, the decision was made to send it to a local Waste to Energy (WTE) facility.


The recycling center had to pay the per ton disposal.  Estimated exenses and lost revenue due to a single part?


$250,000 dollars.


The importance of quality equipment, repair, and maintenance cannot be measured until down time is suffered.  A short news blurb doesn't provide many details (such as what part, if a local service company was called, etc.) it does show the importance of calling a company that will do everything it can to ensure that downtime is minimal.  Preventative maintenance may also catch problems before it results thousands of dollars in lost revenue and additional expenses.