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The right tool for the right job.  A cliche statement but applies to every industry, even recycling and waste.  Below is a quick run down of how an expert in the field of compaction equipment can save your company the most on recycling and waste hauling fees that can be looked upon as "it is what it is".


A local business has been using compactors for waste and recycling for many years but wanted to look at saving more on those fees.  It was found that the equipment, a 34 yard self-contained compactor, was being hauled once per day, but was never truly full; however, once every other day was not often enough and there were problems with an overflow of trash.  This same problem was experienced with a 34 yard self-contained compactor that was used for cardboard recycling.  Both units on the site were fed from a dock and each haul incurred a double-end turn around fee due to the truck picking the unit from the dump door end.


Replacing the existing 34 yard self-contained compactors with a 25 yard hydraulilc tailgate self-contained compactor and a stationary compactor with a 40 yard break away container removed the double end turn around on both units.  And since the trash side was now a small sized unit, the landfill charge per cubic yard was lower as the unit was now being filled and the compaction being utilized.


The question becomes, what are the savings?  At a price of $11.00 per compacted cubic yard, and a $50.00 double-end turn around fee with a unit being hauled 6 times per week (Monday through Saturday) the savings are as follows:


$99.00 savings on dump fee (the fee is calculated on the size of the container, not the actual content)

$50.00 savings on double-end turn around.


$149.00 per day  

$894.00 per week (6 hauls per week) 

$46,488.00 per year (52 weeks) on just the waste compactor.


The cardboard compactor resulted in savings as well by removing the double-end turn around and increasing the size of the container which results in fewer hauls throughout the year.


Compaction equipment can reduce hauling costs significantly, The right compaction equipment can reduce those costs even further.  Do you have an expert in recycling and waste equipment on your side?  The savings could be tens of thousands of dollars per year added to your bottom line.